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Related article: Date : Fri, July 9, 2010 January 00th 20 -0600 From: Victoria boy u003cvictoria_boy hotmail. com u003e Subject: broken arms 12 broken arms Part 12 History of Victoria_Boy hotmail. com s comments u0026 gifts to be allowed (yeah right) welcome. M / m, oral proficiency, soft, kind of sex. = = = = = = = = = = n If you wish, I would have preferred that David had taken a little more time to download. I've always enjoyed my dick sucked, , and I feel no need to rush to the finish line. No big deal if as we spent the whole day before us. I was still afraid that I have to go to , you will see a couple of days off, Dave, because he could not see my the parents let me go, our friend of the cabin. It turns out that I was wrong in these two cases. About an hour after Dave and I finished, my mother called me from work. I was talking for a minute and Dave, who was my mother screaming in the light of the question, if I could go on a trip with him. I wanted to wait n until they got home and was asked beforetrying to keep Dave 's mouth, but it was too late... My mother asked me what Dave was talking about. When I have tried to evade the question, she told me that David set over the phone. I sure that this is wrong. Dave on the phone was magical. After quick greetings David started in the right "Oh, your poor son was not able to do much at all this summer broken because of their poor. " Dave was applied thickly. It was "I not have to go away for this trip, if you can not come, a along, so I hope you say yes, because I want to go! " I have met Dave, because I had no doubt that would blow my the opportunity to say yes. He was still trying to get his attention to stop when I saw his face, the light and heard him Preteen Pics say Preteen Pics : " That sounds s big again I'll call my mother !" My hands were shaking as Dave gave me the phone with a petulant his face. I took it from him and could not believe my mother he said he hadsuspension to consult with my father, but it would be good for me away and blah, blah, blah, I was on vacation! When I was Dave's phone was already at the door to in your shoes and prepare for. I approached him go and looked to disbelief. "Mothers always like," he said. David explained that he return home and say to convince her mother about the trip, which, by telling, and then have to call my mother. ". I text when your mother comes home is mine , and must be convinced by then" on its reputation, said Dave, as he was the door. Mother Dave was not so easy to convince, as first thought. disagrees will let go, and was more than happy to talk to my mother, but she had a long list of chores to do before he had to leave a 4:. 00 the next afternoon, when my mother came home, I sent a message of Dave and a couple seconds later the phone rang the mother for a few minutes and said could tell from the conversation that I needed. packing. Daved talked a few times during the night, and by the sounds of the n things he was busy with chores around her mother had given him. because s he doubted that he was not back before going to bed, and although mentioned Dave 's disappointing, it was a good idea to make sure you do I left before the trip, since there was a lot of privacy. David agreed to come at noon the next day and take care of us out of my seat. noon became January 00 Preteen Pics before Dave had done all his homework, he came yn with his bag for the trip. We did not lose much time moving in the preamble fast in my room, where Dave took my penis and almost immediately took him to the mouth. The rush to be stopped as soon as Dave I started thinking, and he approached me a nice, long, and Fun session than I expected, a great orgasm. Dave was swings slowly up and down with me to move quickly into the race, and stroke n go slowly, almostas if he hated to get my cock from her mouth. This time, Dave was my time to enjoy all the sensations of his cock in the other person connected with the body. Dave worked smoothly for me at least 20 minutes and was am edges the last 10 minutes. I was always very comfortable, with free rein stick my dick in your mouth, or it does not move and let it spin his tongue around and shit on and off in my spare time. David was willing is for my own pleasure, and certainly had the advantages of joy it offers. heard the sound of a phone vibrates Dave a couple of times. Dave did not stop to read your text messages, but after a couple I found is as distracting n mentioned so that was the end, check to see if he wanted. David complained n is a "No" sound around my cock as I so that, without doubt, a great n in a feed. I loved it. I have to go to loving another fifteen minutes or less. I do not know, I could deal with storture or a lot, and I certainly willing to end. Fate, it seems, had a different plan. about 35 minutes after Dave started sucking me at the door rang. that both froze, as if we convince as still and silent in the basement someone up, they were not at home. Dave started to move first delete my ​​cock from her mouth and took his cell phone. I pulled my pants n and pushed my erection in my underwear as Dave said, " Oh, shit, here early! " He was our friend and his father. The SMS message said that was his father before starting work, and they passed. If David is not n response sent a few others asked if we were ready, say n in the path. Dave was the first shot and went upstairs to open the door. I heard him apologize to say we were on the front of the television and not heard the phone vibrates. With some quick thinking turned on the TV to support the story of Dave, A few seconds later, Dave ran up the stairs, grabbed my bagmy bed and said it was time to go. As he approached, he whispered, "Sorry " and realized that meant. I had Preteen Pics not before, as even the previous received in the afternoon, and in 3 days pass without the privacy of the best sexual joke 30 minutes without a stop at the position. This n be a long journey. The four-hour trip to the cabin was pretty uneventful, which is shame, because it gave me plenty of time to sit and cool. if we in the car I realized it was more rustic on the outside. inside was no different and we found only two bedrooms: a master suite friend of our father, and filled a room with bunk beds for us. It was still very nice and gave us a few minutes to settle in our friend down bed, Dave and I rely on the double bed on the part of the top bunk. Dinner was served quickly and at sunset the father was ready to go to sleep. We went outside and searched the woods a little. our frieª quickly produced a couple of beers and the three of us had a few, but was evident that our friend was ready for a little more. By the time he had been drinking beer that had three of them had two and Dave our friend was seven and was very noticeable. Just three of us is the energy level was very low and we sat and watched the stars. Dave and I were doing well, but our friend was ready for bed. that the way back in the cabin and moved his friend become laptop and became a porn. After my sexual frustration to at the beginning of the day was always distracted, as we found our bunks. I alert and ready to stay up all night talking, but our host had gone almost n in a matter of minutes. I stayed and talked to David a little like pornography at stake. It was in the at least another half hour before last light, and were talking for a while afterwards. Finally I got to make sure the cap laptop and tried to get my erection was not visibles only if the man fainted in the lower bed was a little more aware. It was not. David noticed my erection, and after I whispered back into the top bunk with him, n : "I have that already, eh" I nod. We sat in silence for a minute that both s knowing it would be very difficult for me to sleep with my tail for hard after my days of sexual frustration, but also afraid to do anything given above, not only in the room. I turned to my side and I front of Dave, and after a minute of silence, came to the covers and felt my erection throb under my underwear. We stayed very quiet, as Dave grabbed my cock and squeezed it gently from time to time. The attention was good, but there was no way we wanted to achieve. My biggest frustration, and I moaned slightly. David leaned over and whispered again: "Psst... Do not wake anyone better " He looked me straight in the eye, as seriously as if to emphasize that s as I am quiet, so do not get caughta compromising position. The expression on my face Dave confirmed that the I message s, and therefore looked down and stuck his head in the was only sheet imposition. I could see the outline of a body David under the sheets, as they moved slowly down until his head was line is out of my underwear. has pushed me a little more to make sure he was ready, and then gradually Dave off the waist for my little penis was exposed. Could feel the warmth of Dave 's breathing as he approached, then the humidity in your tongue tickle the nerve endings, where my glans met the shaft. Could n also feel the extra smooth feel when Dave found his tongue, which have been a large pool of pre-cum, and extended around the exposed portion of the my ​​cock. There was a pull to the waist again, and raised my hips off the bed for David could pull underwear down further. As soon as the shorts were enough that my cock and balls, whichre free to contact Dave his hands back on my tail, but only to keep your hands on my nuts and send my cock in the mouth. Dave was slowly just below the line in the mouth, but in the next few minutes was on the floor, so that several inches of my shaft was buried in his hole wet and warm. Dave was s not the speed, I suck, especially because I was afraid of making noise. was fine with me when I was enjoying the slow and gentle suction. After my cock in the mouth of my friend with another person in the room only one few yards was a strange feeling. The slowness of the process was also new to me. I often had a long and pleasant to orgasm, but this was different. Tonight, it was so slow it was almost as if if it is a little wet dream awake. I always thought it was set as is a glass of water to boil with a lighter : It would be very hot, , and maybe even a cook, but it would take a damn long. My thoughts SHifted how long it would take me to where I wanted to run when the time came. I thought the shooting might be unpleasant to deal with Dave, we had to clean the house of a friend. o I did not want to make a mess on all the sheets or something. is will be a problem and the shoot was thinking my brain goes. in recent weeks, the only place where I had shot my load was in the face of Dave. It was strange to think, to find an alternative. All the time I thought Dave was sucking my cock, fully aware of the problem before us. I thought for a fraction for a second that my load all over her face and shoots him anyway will find out. I know it's terrible, but for that split second s on the road became more normal, and I realized I was about to shoot at that time. As if waking from a dream that I picked up my arms down and froze in place of Dave. This was not the first time that Dave was in this situationIons, so he knew exactly what to do. David remained motionless, my cock throbbed several times and then control a few times when I tried again,. I figured that my pre-cum leaking from my cock into her mouth Dave, , and of course my heart throb for a couple of times. After my heartbeat is under the control of Dave began to move his tongue a bit, as if the test waters. I, of course, insisted more and Dave pulled his cock. N Dave tries to leave me again, but I tried a few seconds, so that I could talk to him. Finally, burned, and in silence said. " Dude, someday I'll quit. " Dave was, of course, nod, apparently, does not understand why this might be a problem. " When I'm done , where usually caught, perhaps to clean up. " Dave clued sorta looked like, but I do not completely understood. "We can not allow his father to find a mess on the sheets. We are what we do? " Since we were there, to think, the problem was still Dave and my ​​cock handled with care. "I can not finish again. " I'm sure Dave was an n by one and the same rejection assessment options that Preteen Pics is. The two could not escape the bathroom, because it hard to say if we get caught. I could not run in the face because it would be ' drips everywhere, when he went to go clean, and if someone woke up and found that it would be impossible to explain. We had nothing to Cleaning it could not shoot more. Even shooting a my ​​underwear, because if our friend discovered a couple of dirty no would lead to many questions. Dave was the one who broke the silence, but he was so quiet I could hardly have it broke. " I think you can end up in my mouth, if you have to... I mean, I could go back and spit in the bathroom. " David looked as if it was embarrassing, you just made this offer. I do not want to leave hang. " That would be awesome. Are you sure?" I asked keeps me from pushed him down so you could put an immediate end. even in the darkness I could see Dave blush. "Yeah, okay. I mean, I tried around a bit before I 'm sure that does me'm sick. " I knew Dave knew as before. "If you're sure... " I trailed off, as Dave was only the beginning sucking again. It was a very different feeling to know that Dave was on the suction begin to know that I shoot my load in the mouth of his s. Dave began to suck again, and was not shy about me fast becoming. A rhythm developed quickly and I ran back Dave a proximity in the shortest possible time. Within minutes I was holding the head Dave back to keep him quiet. As I sat motionless with my dick in your mouth, I wondered what went through my head. Dave my ​​cock was banging against the inside of your mouth feel, for the first time was obvious that any time I wanted to start my permission ejaculating there exactly where I was. I grip the back of the skull was David, and he took his stimulation of my cock. I pushed a couple more times, and started thinking was a bit rude Preteen Pics of me, Dave, how torture. The poor man sat ready to take sperm into her mouth, just to make me happy here and I was on the edges of the mouth so that you never know when it will happen. I felt language film back edge after another session and I decided the next time it was completed. While Dave took his aspiration I tried to concentrate as much as I to enjoy in the next few minutes. I was having a complete orgasm in the mouth of someone for the first time in my life. My friend n at some time tonight cum in her mouth, but had no idea of that would be at any time. I could feel that I always near, and bent to hold the head of Dave. As usual David froze when I picked it up, but aoh did not move, carefully began to push in and out. Dave had a moment of panic, as the head leaned back against my hands as if to say, I could not flank if I kept moving, , but after a few seconds, I think it is that not only clued edges. I guess Dave just expected to sit still, when I finished, , but the tongue and mouth alive, as if to me the greatest joy could. I controlled the pace, as we have more and closer to my goal. I decided a couple of times n on the way to the edge of cumming, and I thought this was is a terrible thing to Dave, but the feeling was not so much that I help myself. I pushed and out until it was close, then stopped giving more orgasm me the opportunity again for a split second before booted. Dave was not sure how to use this new field, they were responding to graphics. I realized I was not sure or I and excitement n if they keep quiet. Although his work that he made me feel veryvery good. I stopped another split second, then realized that he was at the point where you do not want hold for longer. I could feel my cock swelling David in the mouth, and I'm sure you felt it too. If I had return I would have kept very quiet when my penis was so, but I began slowly pushed further into the mouth. My mother had ended Dave still gently stroking for me. My penis was hard as I have the back of the mouth of Dave and I knew my orgasm was the starting point. I put in almost all the way to the win Dave language at the bottom feel of my cock, and then all the way around the swollen head, and the sense of my ​​orgasm was in full heyday. I pushed all the way and grunted to myself and pulled out through the broad sense of ecstasy in my life. I felt I was about to begin pulsing when I started to pull away from n the back of the neck of Dave. I could feel my first beats and hardening of Davened his mouth around my cock. Call me and I could feel the heat of my semen from my cock, and Dave will give you in the mouth. What I fill all the open space left in the mouth, and that s can be every premature shot, it felt like my balls are pumped out of my shaft, until the my exhaust pipe, beyond the lips, the head of my cock and cover all the your taste buds. I kept shooting and shooting, and Dave sat Preteen Pics down and took as he stands motionless except for his tongue swirled in the head eagerly licking every Preteen Pics last drop, as it reached the mouth. This was without doubt the best orgasm of my life. My penis was in Dave 's mouth for a few minutes after I had ceased to cum shoot. I would be asleep, like me, but it is suspected that Dave ready to go to the bathroom and spit my semen n. Slowly I left my tail, and Dave grabbed his lips almost like a knife cleaning up the last drop. There was more stimulation than I was backady to, but I appreciated his effort. As the head out of his mouth, could Dave feels the tongue, a quick wipe around the edge of n in the support cleaning. Once I got to the end of Dave and began preparing to go down the stairs, so go to the bathroom. I could not smell because he made his exit, that I found sperm in the air, as it was completely contained in Dave 's mouth. After 10 minutes in the bathroom again Dave bed. I made sure I thanked him before falling asleep. = = = = = = = = = = Victoria_Boy hotmail. com has also written the following stories generously organized by my friends at http://www. ingenious. org: for n / gay / secondary / photos - with Jordan ( November 22, 2006 ) / gay / college / steps sucking cock / ( September 7, 2003 ) / gay / college / give - head / n ( July 25, 2000 ) / gay / college / slavecam ( August 5, 1999 ) / gay / sports / kevin- serving ( October 17, 1998 )
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